Using GHX Connect Plus

Data exchange with GHX is handled using their provided ConnectPlus server. If GHX is your carrier, you connect to the ConnectPlus server to send and receive data. Connect Plus handles the exchange between GHX and your network.

You can use either FTP or a direct TCP connection to the ConnectPlus server. This section describes the setup for using the TCP connection. If using FTP, refer to the "Using FTP Method" section in this document.

Setup for using GHX Connect Plus over TCP

Carrier Carrier Name. Any unique value. Example: GHXTCP.
Method TCP
Provider GHX
Host DNS Name or IP address of the ConnectPlus Server.
Login Not used
Access Not used
User Field 1 Socket used for sending data. Default is 31234.
User Field 2 Socket used for receiving data. Default is 41234
User Field 3 Retries – This is the number of times that a connection or data exchange is attempted. Default value is 5. If no value is specified the default is used.
User Field 4 Timeout – This is the timeout period (in seconds) for a failed connection or data exchange attempt. Default value is 30. If no value is specified, the default value is used.
User Fields 5-6 Not used