Executing inbound processing

Inbound EDI processing in detail

Execute inbound processing

  1. Access Execute Inbound EDI (ED502).
  2. Specify or select this information:
    Job Name

    A job name of your choice.

    Process Type

    The kind of inbound processing that applies to this job. Usually, you will want to select Receive and Translate to connect to a carrier and pull down EDI data, then translate it to application format.

    These are the values supported for inbound processing:

    • Receive and Translate - Receive EDI data and translate it to application format.

    • Translate Only - Translate EDI data to application format but do not receive it. This option would most often be used for testing.


    Used only if you selected the Receive and Translate process type. The name of the carrier from whom you are receiving EDI-formatted data.

    X12 File to translate

    Used only if you selected the Translate Only process type. The path/name of the file containing EDI-formatted data you want to translate.

  3. Add your job.
  4. Execute the job by clicking Submit, or execute the job as part of another job.

    If you execute the job by clicking Submit, you can then click the Job Sched button to monitor the progress of the job and view the outcome.

Usually, you will use the job you define here as a step in a larger job, where you would run Execute Inbound EDI (ED502) to receive and translate inbound data, then run one or several of the Lawson interface programs (such as PO122 or MA540) to import the application data into Lawson applications. Lawson EDI interfaces to Lawson applications