Receipt Interface (MA531)

MA531 will import comma separated (csv) file advance-ship notifications into the Lawson Purchase Order application to create receivers. The csv file is generated when Lawson EDI translates inbound 856 transactions. When you set up MA531, you can specify the filename. The file processed is:

  • LAWDIR/applicationproductline /work/MA531CSV/ file name (UNIX)

  • %LAWDIR%\applicationproductline \work\MA531CSV\ file name (Windows)

  • LAWDIR/applicationproductline /work/MA531CSV/ file name (System i)

On the trading partner record you specify the full path and file name. The path and file name on the trading partner record for the inbound 856 transaction must be LAWDIR/applicationproductline /work/MA531CSV/ file name.

Consult the MA531 help text for more information on parameter entries.

Note: The file name specified on MA531 must match the name on the trading partner record.