Enabling GLN usage

The adoption and usage of GLNs happens over time. Because all partners may not be ready to use GLNs in EDI transactions, Lawson EDI for Supply Chain Management lets you enable and configure GLN usage by trading partner.

GLN usage is configured through ED40 Data Substitution records. Separate entries/records are required for outbound and inbound transactions. The table below gives an overview of the configuration.

ED40 Field Outbound Inbound
Lawson Value trading partner id (ED10) usage indicator
External Value usage indicator trading partner id (ED10)

Trading Partner ID is the value from the Tpid field on ED10. Using the Tpid, lets you enable and configure the GLN usage for a specific partner.

Usage indicator specifies how GLNs should be used and is discussed in the GLN Usage Options section.

To enable and configure GLN for all trading partner IDs, an asterisk (*) can be used for the trading partner ID. If no tpid specific entry is found, the wild card entry is used. To enable GLN usage for all trading partners except specific trading partners, setup an entry with an asterisk and then setup entries for those specific trading partners with a usage indicator of "N".

If no USE_GLN ED40 record exists for a trading partner ID or the usage indicator is not "B", "L", or "O", GLN processing will not occur; only the ship to account number is used (existing functionality).