Finishing and releasing the shipment

In Shipping Feedback by Shipment (WH32.2) the customer can finish and release the shipment. Customers can alternatively use the batch Shipment Release (WH190). Either method will output the Advance Ship Notice (ASN) file. The customer must select the Finish option in the Inquire drop list at the top of the screen.

  1. Access Shipment Feedback (WH32) or Shipment Release (WH190).
  2. Select the Company of the Vendor and Location of the Inventory.
  3. In the Update field, select Yes.
  4. Optionally, you can specify the Batch or Shipment Number from the pik.prt file from WH130. Or leave the parameter fields blank to release all shipments.
  5. Select OE for Customer Orders in the Document Source field.
  6. Select Yes in the Create Flat File field.

After the shipment is released (WH32 or WH190 with update option), a flat file is created in the path $LAWDIR/productline/work/WHSHIPREL-NAME with file name as WHSHIPREL<CompanyValue><Location>. For example, WHSHIPREL2000MPLS.