Bid Response Load (PO560)

PO560 will import flat file price catalog update data into the Lawson Purchase Order application. The flat file is generated when Lawson EDI translates inbound 832 transactions. When you set up PO560, the file name you specify must match the filename you specify on the trading partner record for that inbound 832 in your Lawson EDI system. On PO560, you specify only the file name, whereas on the trading partner record you specify the full path and file name.

For example, if the file path and name of a trading partner record for an inbound 856 is:

  • LAWDIR/applicationproductline /edi/in/OMCAT (UNIX)

  • %LAWDIR%\applicationproductline \edi\in\OMCAT (Windows)

  • LAWDIR/applicationproductline /edi/in/OMCAT (System i)

Then the file name would be OMCAT. PO560 will produce a report showing any errors.

Consult the PO560 help text for more information on parameter entries.