Using FILE method

Selecting "FILE" as a method and "LAWS" as the provider, data will be written to and read from directories specified in the Carrier record. The "FILE" method lets you setup recurring ED501 and ED502 jobs to process data from directories. This can be useful if there are additional pre- or post- processing steps that you need to perform.

The directories must exist under the EDI "communications" directory.

This directory is LAWDIR/prodline/edi/comm.

You can create a "carrier" directory under the comm. directory and then create separate directories under that for input and output.

For example, the carrier is ACME, create a directory LAWDIR/prodline/edi/comm/ACME. Then in that directory create two other directories. LAWDIR/prodline/edi/comm/ACME/in and LAWDIR/prodline/edi/comm/ACME/out.

Setup for using FILE method

Carrier Carrier Name.
Method FILE
Provider LAWS
Host Not used.
Login Not used.
Access Not used.
User Field 1 Directory to write data files to. For example, ACME/out
User Field 2 Directory to process data files from. For example, ACME/in
User Field 3-6 Not Used