Receiving and translating inbound 850

Run Execute Inbound EDI (ED502) to receive and translate inbound 850 Purchase Order data. The result is a file in the $LAWDIR/productline/work/SALESORDER directory that is processed by Sales Order Import (OE510) next.

Before you can use OE510, verify that the SALESORDERS directory exists. If the directory does not already exist, you must create it.

  1. Access Execute Inbound EDI (ED502).
  2. Specify a Job Name and Job Description.
  3. Select a Process Type. Select Receive and Translate to connect to a carrier and pull down EDI data, then translate it to application format.
  4. Specify the name of the Carrier from whom you are receiving the EDI-formatted data. This is used only if you selected the Receive and Translate process type.
  5. Add the job.
  6. Submit the job.
  7. After the job is submitted and the file is created inside the SALESORDERS directory, you can import the sales order using Sales Order Import (OE510).