Lawson EDI task areas

Working with Lawson EDI products involves three main task areas: planning for EDI, setting up Lawson EDI, and administering Lawson EDI.

EDI planning

Planning for EDI requires that you understand basic information about EDI processing. In addition you should have some knowledge of how Lawson EDI manages the processing of inbound and outbound electronic data.

Lawson EDI setup

Lawson EDI setup involves configuring Lawson EDI, setting up carriers and trading partners, and setting up the substitution tables that will enable the Lawson EDI system to map correct values (for example, vendor IDs and company IDs) where needed.

Lawson EDI administration

Administering Lawson EDI involves starting and stopping the translation server, executing inbound and outbound processing, creating new carriers, reviewing event and transaction history, purging history information that is no longer needed. In addition Lawson EDI administration involves being able to troubleshoot any problems that might arise during Lawson EDI processing.