Preparing to process outbound shipment details

Set up an Execute Outbound EDI with Source (ED511) job to use to process outbound Shipment details. These details are communicated to Customers with an 856 Advanced Ship Notice (ASN).

The job is setup once and then is run as part of processing an EDI 856 Advanced Ship Notice (ASN).

  1. Access Outbound EDI with Source (ED511)
  2. Specify this information:
    Field Value
    Process Type 1 - Translate and Send
    Application File Specify the full path to the WHSHIPREL<CompanyValue><Location>, file created by running WH190.
    EDI Number Start Position 299
    EDI Number Length 15
    Source WH190
    Carrier Specify the name of the carrier to which to send the file.
  3. Add the job.