Directory structure

This table lists the directory structure of Lawson EDI under:

  • $LAWDIR/applicationproductline/edi (UNIX)

  • %LAWDIR%\applicationproductline/edi (Windows)

  • LAWDIR /applicationproductline/edi (System i)

/out Lawson apps outbound interface files (POEDI)
/in Lawson apps inbound interface files (POACK)
/archive Archived inbound/outbound data
/in Copies of all inbound EDI files
/out Copies of all outbound application and EDI-formatted files
/bin Excecutable files
/comm Communications directory
/in Inbound data stored here while being received
/out Outbound data. Also, if an outbound comm session fails, outbound data is stored here and is picked up by the next outbound comm session
/in Any inbound EDI data that fails EDI syntax checking
/out Any outbound EDI data that fails EDI syntax checking
/lib Perl modules
/logs logs
/purged Transaction history and event history data purged from Lawson EDI tables is capture in CSV files in this directory.
/samples Sample data, maps
/stds EDI standard files used by the Lawson translator
/work Temp directory for processing
/cfg for configuration files
/java /WTX contains java jar files for use with WTX