EDI notifier

Infor Lawson EDI had a feature that sent emails notifying recipients of errors in EDI jobs. If an EDI job had a translation or communications error, an attempt would be made to connect to the Error Notification Agent (MailAgent) to send the error log. If the connection attempt succeeded, the EDI job would complete normally. If the connection attempt failed, the job would go to the Waiting queue with a status of Needs Recovery.

This functionality required installing and configuring a java program delivered as part of the CommServer install package. The CommServer provided an interface with Cleo A+ for sending and receiving data. Cleo A+ is no longer available or supported but the CommServer install is still required to get Notification Agent. This is less than ideal from a customer and support perspective.

This new implementation provides a new EDI Error Notification process that no longer requires an EDI CommServer installation for Error Notification but maintains backwards compatibility with existing Error Notification installations. The new implementation also allows customers to disable error notification and allow EDI jobs to complete normally or go to the Waiting queue.