Creating service records for non-Infor payroll

Use this procedure to manually enter time and service records if you do not use the Infor Payroll application.

To create service and event records for non-Infor payroll

  1. Access Employee Service Entry (LP53.1).
  2. Select a Company and Employee. Use the following guidelines to enter field values:

    Select the action you want to perform on this line.


    Type the effective date of the service or event data.

    Note: You can enter comments as an attachment on the Date field. Use LP260 to run a report with comments.
    Service Code

    Select the service code if the record will identify hours and/or earnings that represent service with the company.


    Type the number of hours.


    Type the earnings. If this is a multi-currency company, a currency is also required.

    Reason Code

    Select the reason code if this record signifies an attendance event.


    If attendance tracking is based on a point system, type the number of points associated with this event.

    Occur (Occurrence)

    Indicate whether this absence will count as an occurrence in absence reporting.

  3. Select the More tab and use the following guidelines to enter field values:

    If a wage amount is entered, identify the currency.

    External Sequence Number

    If you use a non-Infor payroll application, this field can be used to link the service record to a time record in an external payroll application.

    Period End date

    This field is required, but can be defaulted in from pay plan if blank, if you have pay plans defined in the Infor Payroll application. If pay plans are defined, any date entered must be a valid period end date for the employee's pay plan.

  4. Select the Assignment tab and use the following guidelines to enter field values:

    Select the employee's position.

    Job Code

    Select the employee's job code.

    Process Level

    Select the employee's process level.


    Select the employee's department.