Using the Disk Usage Utility in Online Mode

If you select the online (default) mode, all other conditions for usage must have been met and IBM DB2 must be installed and running before you use the utility. If you are running ibmdu on the active dictionary, the product line must currently be in IBM DB2. If you are running ibmdu on either a new or old dictionary, the product line must have been in IBM DB2 when that dictionary was built. When running in online mode, the utility queries the IBM DB2 database for information on the existence and size of database spaces and other parameters necessary for determining required disk space. When run in online mode, ibmdu also checks the IBM DB2 database to determine how much space you have available in your tablespaces.

ibmdu -[c][w]bx dataarea [tablespace...]

In online mode, the ibmdu utility run has the following options:

-c Show information about the existing IBM DB2 tablespaces.
-w Show detailed warning messages for tables and indexes.
-bx Use a block size of xK. This must be the last specified option in the command line.