Keyboard shortcuts for form commands

Form commands are defined in LN. The keyboard shortcuts for these commands are in two ranges:

  • Ctrl+Shift+ <letter>
  • Ctrl+F<n> , where <n> = 1 to 12.

These key combinations may conflict with shortcut keys that are used by internet browsers. Therefore they are mapped to different keyboard shortcuts.

This table shows the mapping for the keyboard shortcuts for form commands:

Keyboard shortcut assigned to form command Keyboard shortcut in LN UI
Ctrl+Shift+<letter> Shift+<letter>
Ctrl+F<n>, where <n> = 1 to 12 <k>, where <k> has these values:
  • For <n>=1 to 9, <k> = <n>.
  • For <n> = 10, <k> = 0.
  • For <n> = 11, <k> = Shift+1.
  • For <n> = 12, <k> = Shift+2.