Landing page

The default landing page contains only the recently used items. When stand-alone mode is used, the landing page contains three regions that show favorite, bookmarked, and recently used items.

Default landing page
The default landing page only contains an application region with recently used items.
To browse these items, use the arrow keys.
To activate an item, press the spacebar. The corresponding session starts..
The LN Navigator contains a search field and a tree. You can use the search field to find a session using the session code or a keyword. If available, it is marked as a region on the top level of the regions hierarchy.
Favorites, bookmarks, and recently used items
You can use favorites, bookmarks, and recently used items to navigate to a session. If the 'home' session tab is selected, all items in these lists are displayed in the JAWS links dialog box (Insert+F7).
You can activate each item from the links dialog box. The corresponding session starts.
In the favorites and bookmarks region, the items are contained in groups. You can collapse these groups to hide their content items from JAWS.