Side navigation bar

This table shows the elements in the side navigation bar:

Search field This field has a magnifier icon and is located at the top of the side navigation bar.

Specify, for example, a part of a session name or session code.

To search for multiple consecutive words, enclose the search string in double quotes. For example, specify "Item Data".

The search only returns menu items, such as sessions. The search does not return menu folders.

  • By default, the search is performed on all levels in the navigation menu tree.
  • To search within a subtree of the navigation menu, right-click the desired node of the navigation menu and select Search from Node.
LN menu buttons


Enterprise Modeler navigation buttons

LN menu buttons are displayed if the LN menu browser is selected in your LN user data. Click these buttons to navigate through the LN menu structure and start sessions. The menu buttons in the side navigation bar depend on the start menu in your LN user data.

When you click a session in the side navigation bar, the session is displayed in the application panel.

Enterprise Modeler navigation buttons are displayed if the Enterprise Modeler process browser is selected in your LN user data.

Options menu button This is the last menu button in the side navigation bar.