The Options menu

The Options menu contains these options:

Run Program (g then r)

Starts the Run Program dialog, where you can start sessions.

To start a session from this dialog:

  1. Specify the desired session code.
  2. Click OK.
  • In the Open field, you can select previously started sessions from the list.
  • If the Open in new Window check box is selected, the session starts in a separate, floating, window. If this check box is cleared, the session starts in the Infor Ming.le application panel.

Change Company (g then c)

Starts the Change Company session.

Change Current Role

Starts the Change Current Role (ttdsk2009m000) session.

This option is only available if your LN administrator assigned roles to your user account. A role contains personalization settings, such as session personalizations and menu personalizations, for a specific group of users.

If you switch to another role, a different set of personalizations is activated. Therefore menus and sessions may look different. For example, if you restart a session after you switched to another role, the session may contain more, or less, fields.

Your current role is displayed in the status bar at the bottom of your browser window.

Personalize Menu

Starts the Personalize Menu (ttadv9205m000) session.

Change Data Language

This option is only available if Multi Language Fields Support is enabled on your LN server. See "Multi language application data" in the Enterprise Server Web Help.

If you select Change Data Language the Change Data Language (ttdsk2006m000) session starts.

You can use this session to switch to another data language. In this way, you can view and edit data in multiple languages in sessions that are multi language enabled.

If you change the data language, the next session you start will run in the new data language. The sessions that were already opened remain in the old data language.

  • LN UI shows the current data language in the status bar of each session, next to the company number.
  • You can only switch to another data language if the Allow Changing of Data Languages check box in your user data template properties on the LN server (User Data Template (ttams1110m000) session) is selected.

Activate Trace Mode

This option opens a new window showing the message flow between browser and LN UI web server. The contents can be downloaded for troubleshooting purposes.


This option opens a new window to manage the user settings.

Custom Skin Editor

Starts the Custom Skin Editor (uigwt0108m000) which can be used to set and publish an alternative skin for the user interface.

This option is only displayed if you are authorized to use this feature. Authorization must be configured in the User Data Template (ttams1110m000) session.

Debug and Profile 4GL

Use this option if you want to test software components that are checked out to an Infor LN Studio activity.

If this option is selected, the Debug and Profile 4GL (ttadv1123m000) session starts. Use this session to select the activity that contains the component you want to test. See the session help and the LN Studio documentation.

Non-interrupting Message Mode

Use this option to change the message mode:

  • If this option is selected, LN uses the Non-interrupting message mode: Data you enter in a field automatically validates when you move to a new field. LN shows the messages in a separate messages window without interruption to your work.

    This separate messages window is not automatically displayed. When a new message arrives, a blinking icon is displayed in the status bar of the session. To open the message window, click this icon; alternatively, press g and then press i.

  • If this option is not selected, LN uses the Interactive message mode: Data you enter in a field automatically validates when you move to a new field. LN displays any messages prompted by a field's validation in a message box. You must click OK to close the message box and continue your work.

System Message (g then y)

Displays the current System Message.

Debug bshell

Starts the Run time debugging of bshell (ttstpbshdebug) session.

Use this session to set or modify the various bshell debug options on runtime. See the session help.

These bshell debug options can also be set before runtime in the Command field in the Bshell Environment dialog. To do this, you must modify the configuration settings of the application in your user profile.

Restart (Ctrl+Del)

Restarts LN UI. In this way you can easily log off and log on again. You are not prompted for your user name and password. This is useful, for example, after a change in the user data when the bshell must restart to load new settings.

  • If any programs, such as LN sessions, are running, the system asks you for confirmation.
  • Running programs are closed.
  • Any unsaved changes will be lost.


Starts a dialog box with essential deployment and environment information.