Infor Ming.le-LN Plug-in is the web-based client user interface for various Infor applications, such as Infor LN and Infor LN Enterprise Modeler.

Infor Ming.le-LN Plug-in requires Infor LN and Enterprise Server 10.3 or later.

Infor Ming.le-LN Plug-in runs in a page in Infor Ming.leTM.

The LN page in Infor Ming.le includes a side navigation bar and an application panel to activate the display of LN sessions.

On the right side of the page is a collapsible panel that hosts Infor Ming.le context applications, such as Posts and Related Information. Most of these context applications are not specific to the Infor Ming.le-LN Plug-in. They are available in all applications in Infor Ming.le. See the Infor Ming.le User Guide.