Custom Skin Editor (uigwt0108m000)

Options > Custom Skin Editor

Use this editor to edit color properties for different elements in the user interface. You can publish the changed color properties to all users of your LN UI environment.

You can perform these actions:

  • Create a custom skin.

    In the editor, color fields are displayed for the elements of the user interface. You can change these color fields to custom colors. The effect of the changes is displayed in a preview panel. When you click Save, the new settings are saved in the "Custom" skin.

  • Test the custom skin.

    Before you publish the new skin, it is only available for you. To test the new skin, select the "Custom" skin in your user profile settings. Then sign out and sign in again. The new color settings are reflected throughout the interface. As long as the new skin is not published, the new color settings are only applied for you.

  • Publish the custom skin.

    To make the new skin available to all users of your LN UI environment, you must publish it. To do so, click Publish in this editor.

    To use the new skin, users must select the "Custom" skin in their user profile settings. Then they must sign out and sign in again.

Note: To use this editor, authorization is required. This authorization must be configured in the User Data Template (ttams1110m000) session.


This table shows the commands in the toolbar:

Command Description
Save and Close Saves the current settings without publishing them to all users, and closes this session.
Save Saves the current settings.
Revert to Saved Reverts the settings to the last saved state.
Publish Makes the custom skin that is currently visible in the editor available for all users of the environment. The new custom skin overrides the existing custom skin.

There can only be one active custom skin, so only the settings that were published last are active.

Delete Deletes the custom skin for all users of the environment. The option to select "Custom" in the user profile Preferences tab is no longer available. For users that had the "Custom" skin selected, the user setting is automatically reverted to the default skin.
Actions > Remove all skin customizations Reverts all settings within the editor to their original defaults.
Actions > Download Colors Downloads the currently active settings as a .json file.
Actions > Upload Colors Use this command to upload a .json file with custom color settings.