User Profiles (uigwt0102m000)

Options > Settings

This page shows the available user profiles for a specific LN environment.

A user profile contains this information:

  • User-specific UI settings
  • "Run Program" history
  • "Recently Used Sessions" history

If more than one user profile is defined for an LN environment, you can use this page to define a default user profile. The default user profile is used when you start LN UI. If multiple profiles exist and no default user profile is selected, you are prompted to select a profile when you start LN UI.

If you have never used this page to create a user profile, LN UI automatically creates a user profile, with the name "Default", when you have opened LN UI for the first time.

You can use this page to perform these tasks:

  • Set or change the default user profile.
  • Create user profiles.
  • Duplicate user profiles.
  • Delete user profiles.

To set or change the default user profile:

  1. Select a user profile in the list.
  2. Click Set Default.

To create a user profile:

  1. Click this button:

  2. Specify the required information and click this button:

To duplicate a user profile:

  1. In the list, select the profile you want to duplicate.
  2. Click this button:

    The selected profile is copied to a new profile.

  3. Specify the required information.
  4. To save the profile, click this button:

  5. Optionally, to set the new profile as the default profile, select the profile and click Set Default.