Using the filter row (Easy Filtering)

To filter data through the filter row above the grid:

  1. If the filter row is not displayed above the grid, complete these steps:
    1. Click this icon in the grid column header:

    2. Select Show Filter Row.
  2. Specify filter criteria in the input fields in the filter row.
    To change the filter criteria, complete one of these steps:
    • Click on a field in the filter row.
    • Press Esc to enter the command mode. Then press /.
    To change the filter operator for a field:
    1. Click the operator icon that is displayed before the field in the filter row.
    2. Select the desired operator.
    You can also perform advanced filtering: filter a particular value, and then refine your filter by setting a new value on the filtered data.
    Note: The number of fields for which easy filtering is available, depends on LN configuration settings. See the online help of the Tools Parameters (ttaad0100m000) session.