Taxonomy Balance

The Taxonomy Balance fact includes measures based on History - Dimension/Ledger Account Combination Totals (tfgld205) and Opening Balances - Combination of Dimension/Ledger/Currency (tfgld206).

Transformation of extracted data:

Balance data
Taxonomy Balance does not transform data from the Ledger History and Opening Balance tables but is an aggregated fact table based on the Financial Balance fact table.

In LN you must map Chart of Accounts to Taxonomy Accounts in order to use the Taxonomy Balance fact.

Archiving or deleting period totals

Archiving or deleting period totals will result in a value of zero for the complete financial period, and analysis cannot be executed anymore.

Therefore, we do not recommend running the Archive / Delete Period Totals (tfgld6206m000) session.

This diagram shows the star schema:

Taxonomy balance star schema