Print options in Generate Projected Shipments session

These print options have been added to the Generate Projected Shipments (whinh4230m200) session:

  • Print Shipments: If this check box is selected, a report is printed that lists all the created shipments.
  • Print Errors: If this check box is selected, an error report is printed.

Shipment Execution Workbench

These improvements have been made in the User Settings of the Shipment Execution Workbench (whinh8361m000):

  • The Initial View field has been added, which can be set to Day View or Week View.
  • Shipment planners, who are usually responsible for several sold-to business partners, can now select multiple sold-to business partners.

If the Default View is set to Load, you can now perform these actions:

  • Print the pick and load sheet directly from the workbench menu.
  • Start the Compose Shipping Structure (whinh4140m100) session from the menu of the load detail panel.
  • Search for a load.