LN Mobile Service enhancements

These enhancements have been made in Mobile Service:

Call number availability
If a service order is generated from a service call, the call number is now displayed in LN Mobile Service. Additionally, the call number can be printed on the visit report.
Minimum supported Android version
If you use LN Mobile Service on an Android device, the minimum supported Android version is now 7.1 (Nougat), to increase security and stability

Resource Management Workbench enhancements

On the Service tab of the User Settings screen in the Resource Management Workbench (tssoc8351m000), the Activities By Serial - Columns section has been added.

This section includes these columns as data rows:

  • Serial Number
  • Item
  • Item Description
  • Installation Group
  • Installation Group Description
  • Alternative Serial Number

Users can re-order a selected row by using the up and down buttons. A resource column can be included or excluded through the Include check box.

Note: Changes are applied after reopening the workbench.