Currency exchange rates

Importing currency exchange rates from the European Central Bank and National Bank of Poland is now supported.

You can use the Exchange rate Provider (tcmcs1670m000) session to initialize the required parameters for the European Central Bank and National Bank of Poland. You can also configure services and currencies to import.

You can use the Import Currency Rates (tcmcs1270m000) session to import the currency rates from a specific provider. The imported rates are available in the Currency Rates (tcmcs0108m000) session.

Elixir payment format for Citibank

In Poland, the standard Elixir payment format is used. However, the Citibank uses its own variant of this payment standard. This specific payment format has now been added to LN CE.

Complete these steps:

  1. Set up the new report as a localized report with these settings in the Payment/Receipt Method Reports (tfcmg0630m000) session:
    • Payment Report: CitiDirect SEPA (Poland) (lppol923000800)
    • Country: POL
    • IBAN Enabled: Yes
  2. Initialize the report.
  3. In the Payment/Receipt Methods (tfcmg0540m000) session, create a new payment method using the CitiDirect SEPA (Poland) (lppol923000800) payment report