Addition of image to FRACAS

Image fields have been added to the Corrective Action Plan and FRACAS.

In FRACAS, two image fields have been added to capture the reported failure at the time of reporting and after repair.

Assignment of employee to order inspection

The Employee (Owner) field has been added to Order Inspections. The employee specified in this field can act as the person ultimately responsible for the order inspection. The employee is retrieved from the testing combination by default.

Ship to Stock (STS)

Ship to Stock (STS) is a new concept whereby components are shipped directly to stock without the traditional inward inspection of goods and any sample testing. Traditional inward inspection can be time-consuming and incur costs. But if the supplier of goods is reliable, the inward inspection can be skipped. Similarly, if the production process is considered reliable, operation or final inspections (end item inspections) can be skipped.

A solution framework is now provided in which users can specify criteria for starting and exiting Ship to Stock. If Ship to Stock applies, order inspections are automatically created and processed. Non-conformities or FRACAS may invalidate Ship to Stock applicability.

Ship to Stock is supported for Purchase, Warehouse Transfers (Inward), Production, and Routing origins.