Intrastat (ILS Tstat)

The Infor Localizations Services Platform document flow for LCL_TStat4_TradeStatistics is now used to transform the Intrastat XML document that is generated from LN CE to a proprietary message that can be processed and accepted by the Romanian government. This process automates the Intrastat generation and converts the Intrastat XML file generated by LN CE into a SyncLCLTradeStatistics BOD.

In case of a goods transport transaction between Romania and another EU member state, an Intrastat transaction record is created in the Intrastat Transactions (tccom7171m000) session. This transaction can be processed in the Process Intrastat Transactions (tccom7271m000) session.

From the LCL_TStat4_TradeStatistics document flow, these activities are triggered:

  • Detection: Specific values are verified, such as Country of Origin, Number of Declarations, and Declaration Period.
  • Validation: Because the LCL_TStat4_TradeStatistics document flow is enabled for several countries, the validation mapping is used to route the data to Romania and apply the correct transformation process.
  • Transformation: The Intrastat XML file is transformed into a Sync.LCLTradeStatistics BOD, which is converted to a Proprietary Intrastat BOD that is accepted by the Romanian government.