Invoice-to business partner set

In the Business Partner Sets (tccom1170m000) session, you can now specify the use of a business partner set. In the Usage field, you can specify the domain to which the business partner set belongs.

These options are available:

  • General: Can be used anywhere
  • Taxation
  • Global Trade Compliance
  • Invoicing

In the Transaction Type Defaults (cisli1170m100) and Invoice Layout Defaults (cisli1170m000) sessions, defaults can now be configured by invoice-to business partner set. To activate this, the invoice-to business partner set must first be selected for use in the Search Priorities (cisli0130m000) session.

Note: Either the Invoice-to Business Partner or Invoice-to Business Partner Set can be selected as search priority.

XML invoice

If the Invoice Print Output parameter is set to XML Document in the Invoicing Parameters (cisli0100m000) session, LN CE now supports distribution of XML invoices through Document Output Management.

The document provider, Infor LN XML Invoice report (, is available for configuration in Document Output Management.