Freezing of load when freezing shipments

The moment the last shipment has the Frozen status, the associated load can now be frozen automatically.

This is controlled by the new Freeze Load when freezing shipments parameter in the Inventory Handling Parameters (whinh0100m000) session.

Shipment Planning Workbench - Unplanned quantities

With shipment planning, you can split the order quantity and schedule different shipping times.

When you create a shipment planning record for a quantity less than ordered and close the session, a message is now displayed indicating that the ordered quantity is not fully planned. You can generate a line for the unplanned quantity, so you do not have to perform the calculation yourself.

Shipment Planning Workbench - Visualization between cards

The visualization of the manual shipment planning has been improved in the Shipment Planning Workbench (whinh8370m000). You can now display the link between the item and shipment cards that belong to the same requirement (outbound order line).

This new feature can be used if the Manual Shipment Planning check box is selected for the outbound order line.

Splittable option in handling unit template

Previously, handling units could always be split. To prevent this, you had to manually clear the Splittable check box in one of the Handling Unit sessions. This took a lot of time and was prone to errors.

Now, the Splittable check box has been added to the Handling Unit Templates (whwmd4160m000) session. The setting of this check box is used by default for all new handling units generated from the template. It is positioned at the Node level, so that it can be decided per handling unit level whether splitting is allowed.