Accounts Receivable

To support the accounts receivable clerk, the Reminder Letter Number has been added to the Invoice Action Dates report. This report can be printed with the Print Invoice Action Dates (tfacr3406m000) session.

In the User Tolerances for Write-Offs (tfacr0118m000) session, the Authorization Limit (Local Currency) and Allow Reverse Write-Off fields are now called Authorization Limit Bad Debts (Local Currency) and Allow Reverse Write-Off Bad Debts.

Accounts Payable

The Add to Job option has been added to the Personalization menu of the Print Not Fully Approved Invoices (tfacp1402m000) session. Consequently, you can now print invoices that are not fully approved in a job.

General Ledger

To prevent users from accidentally deleting schedule lines with the Posted status in the Recurring Journal (tfgld0140m100) session, a warning is now issued when such a line is selected for deletion.

Various financial sessions run periodically, for example daily, weekly, or monthly per financial period. Previously, the period selection in a job was fixed and jobs had to be updated for each new financial period. Now, the Use Job Refence Date check box and the Job Reference Date field have been added to these sessions:

  • Rebuild Period Balances after Currency Initialization/Migration (tfgld3205m000)
  • Rebuild Opening Balance/History from Transactions (tfgld3203m000)
  • Rebuild History for Account Matching (tfgld1218m000)
  • Export Financial Values (tffst1204m000)
  • Process Financial Statement Values (tffst1205m000)

If the Use Job Reference Date check box is selected, and the session is added to a job, the period selection is based on the job reference date. Consequently, it is no longer required to update the jobs for each financial period.

Cash Management

In the Data by Bank/Payment Method (tfcmg0545m000) session, description fields of the selected codes have been added. These fields are new:

  • Bank Relation Description
  • Payment Method Description
  • Transaction Type Description
  • Series Description
  • Ledger Account Description

Fixed Assets

To better describe the purpose of the Period End (tffam8205m000) session, the session name has been changed to Fixed Asset Period End (tffam8205m000).