ASC - forecasting consumption logic

In addition to the existing forecasting functionality, a separate solution for forecasting configurable assembly items is now available.

The new solution for assembly items differs from the current solution for standard and generic items in these respects:

  • The master planning module is not used.
  • Family items are used for reporting purposes only.

To support the planning of important materials, these entities have been added:

  • Assembly planning bill of material
  • Planned assembly order
  • Models. A model is characterized by a specific combination of defining features or options of the configurable product. They can optionally be used to refine the forecast and the forecast consumption.

ASC - multiple assembly order series

Previously, assembly orders were generated based on a default number group series specified in the Assembly Control Parameters (tiasc0100m000) session.

Now, number group series have been added to the Assembly Lines (tiasl1530m000) session to generate assembly orders based on a different number group series.

Production scheduling without constraints

A new option is supported for the scheduler algorithm: you can now ignore the availability constraint of purchased materials.

This can be useful in these scenarios:

  • A purchased component can be procured within its defined lead time.
  • A purchased component can be added to the product at a later moment than the defined production operation.

If the Ignore Availability Constraint check box is selected in the Items - Ordering by Site (tcibd2150m000) session and the supply source of the item is Purchased, then the scheduler algorithm assumes that infinite inventory is available.

Optionally, the Unknown Material Availability warning message can be displayed if a shortage happens.