Archive Workbench

The Archive Workbench (tccom0650m000) is the central place to monitor and perform the archiving of LN CE data. All archiving sessions are included in the workbench, and can be started from here.

Company defaults can be used, instead of user defaults. For every run, statistics are saved about the need for archiving and the success of archiving a session. To increase the effectiveness of an archiving run and the number of records eligible for archiving, a list of predecessor sessions is included that can be archived before an actual archive run.

Attendance module

Processing instructions have been added to the Attendance (bpxtm) module.

Based on specific use of LN Extensibility, processing instructions can now be used to adjust actual attendance (hours worked) to comply with specific local laws, union rules, or employment contracts. Complex reward systems can be implemented with overtime rules for specific people. Warnings can be generated if hours worked do not comply with rules and regulations.

An example of an adjustment is that for certain employees, 10 actual hours worked must be split into 8 normal hours and 2 overtime hours if the total number of hours in a week exceeds 36 hours. A message can be generated to inform those involved.