Saudi Arabia

E-invoicing (phase 1)

Phase 1 of the e-invoice (Fatoorah) for Saudi Arabia is now supported. LN has been found compliant by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, that has included Infor Saudi Arabia among the solution providers that have passed the qualification process.

During phase 1, no XML is required, but an e-invoice must include all required fields, as defined in Article 53 (5,8) of the VAT Implementing Regulations.

The LN Report Designer tool already supports the generation of invoices with all details that are required by the authorities. Now, these enhancements have also been made:

  • A Saudi Arabia country parameter has been added to activate the QR code expression r.qr.code.text, which can be included in the invoice reports using Report Designer.
  • The input field r.ih.idat, including the time value, is now available in the Classic Invoice report.