Application personalization

Manage personalizations - Improvements for personalization administrators

For the benefit of personalization administrators, these enhancements have been added to the management of personalizations:

Export for multiple specific roles
In the Export Personalizations (ttaad7201m000) session, you can now export a set of specific roles.

You can export a range of roles or specific roles.

Remove check-out of other users
The Remove Check-out to User command has been added in these sessions:
  • Manage Personalizations (ttadv9150m000), under Control Personalizations
  • Checked-out Packages (ttadv9151m000)

When you run the Remove Check-out to User command, the Remove Check-out of Other Users (ttadv9450m000) session is started. In this session, you can select and remove multiple checked-out personalizations for other users.

You can safeguard changes made during a check-out before you remove them. In the Manage Personalizations (ttadv9150m000) session, copy the checked-out personalization to a temporary personalization role.