Cumulative cost and sales per serialized item

From an accounting perspective, it is important to know the total cost amount spent on an asset or equipment. It does not matter if the asset or equipment is owned by the company or a customer owned. Related to this, the total revenue is important for determining the gross margin.

To support this, the Repair Cost and Sales Workbench (tstdm4110m000) has been added. This workbench can be started stand-alone, or from the Serialized Items (tscfg2100m000) overview session.

Resource Management Workbench

The Resource Management Workbench (tssoc8351m000) supports these new features:

  • Adoption of data-authorization settings. If the user of the workbench is not allowed to see specific data, then this data is not displayed in the workbench.
  • Opportunity to specify custom working hours, such as Holiday, Training, Weekend Duty, and Doctor. To support this, users can now perform these tasks:
    1. On the Gantt tab of the User Settings screen, specify, modify, or delete custom working hours in the Custom Working Hours grid. Use the New, Edit, or Delete options in the grid context to do this.
    2. Select the Custom Working Hour Menu check box in the Custom Working Hours grid to add the custom working hours as options to the Custom Working Hour menu in the Gantt context menu.
    3. Select an option and run the created or modified work hour for the selected date, based on the custom work hour settings defined for that work hour.