Device management

File Manager - Default home directory by user

For an improved user experience, a new field, File Manager - Home Directory, has been added in the User Data Template (ttams1110m000) session.

In this field, you can specify the default folder where a user starts when the File Manager (ttfmafileman) is used.

This home directory setting is used in these situations:

  • The File Manager (ttfmafileman) is started directly.
  • The File Manager (ttfmafileman) is started through a zoom action in a file field or folder field in any session.

    If no start directory is defined on that field, the predefined home directory is used as the start directory.

In the User Data (ttaad2500m000) session, a new field, Default From User Data Template, has been added on the Defaults tab. This field is read-only and shows the value as defined in the user data template that is linked to the user.

To overrule this default, a check box, Use Other Home Directory, has been added. If this check box is selected, you can specify a user-specific directory in the corresponding string field. This field has a zoom button to start the File Manager (ttfmafileman) so that you can search for the desired directory.