Calculated commissions and rebates

Previously, the domain of the calculated commissions and rebates allowed 999 records. Now, this domain has been extended to 99,999 sequences, which provides you with more calculated commissions and rebate records.

Linking of header special contract

The Use Only Header Special Contract parameter has been added to the Sales Contract Parameters (tdsls0100s300) session to ensure that a sales order uses only one special contract if a special contract is specified on the sales order header.

If this parameter is selected, and a new line is added to the sales order, only the header special contract is verified and no other special contracts or normal contracts. If no header special contract is specified, then the normal contract search logic applies.

If this parameter is cleared, and a special contract is specified on the sales order header, each line of the sales order is checked to see if the item is included in that special contract. If it is not included, other special or normal contracts are searched for.

Report of open sales orders

In the Print Sales Order (tdsls4405m000) session, you can now print an overview of all open sales orders. Open orders are orders that have not been fully shipped, have back orders, or for which nothing has been shipped.