Attendance module

In the LN CE menu under Common, the Attendance (bpxtm) module has been added.

This new module is used to store, process, and report the attendance of employees at their workplace.

These features are supported:

  • Generation and storage of planned attendance for employees, including shifts and detailed absence. Planned attendance includes information about normal hours, breaks, standby work, and overtime settings on a daily basis.
  • Storage of time registrations, which contain information about the type of attendance, such as normal work, overtime, and standby hours, with a start and stop indicator.
  • Based on the planned attendance and time registrations, calculation of actual attendance and display of this in attendance balance overviews.
  • Due to distinct local laws, company rules, or individual employment contracts, manipulation of actual hours using specific calculations.
  • Periodic sharing of actual attendance with a payroll company to calculate wages of employees.

VAT agent

You can now indicate in the Tax Numbers by Business Partner (tctax4100m000) and Registrations by Business Partner (tctax4102m000) sessions whether a business partner tax number comes from a VAT agent.

This indicator is then displayed in the sales invoice BOD that is generated for invoicing.

Note: The indicator is initially hidden in the sessions.

Look and feel of archiving sessions

The look and feel of all archiving sessions in LN CE has been modified. The layout is now the same for every archiving session, including the name of the session and the naming and positioning of fields in the session.