Homepages and widgets

Activity Ready to Start

This existing widget displays the list of activities that are to begin for a selected project manager. This widget enables the project manager to analyze the activities that are to start.

Previously, only the status of external equipment was displayed in the widget. Now, the internal equipment is also displayed. The equipment required internally is considered planned if a rental agreement has been planned.

Average Order Value

This new banner widget provides a comprehensive view of the average purchase orders obtained during the current and previous periods. A graphical representation of the average order value is shown, enabling users to determine the growth of the purchase values for a period and to compare the growth with the previous period.

By default, the data in the graph is displayed based on the site data and purchase office data from the Procurement User Profiles (tdpur0143m000) session in LN CE. However, you can use the Configure Widget screen to configure the Financial Company, Site, Purchase Office of the Financial Company, and Supplier fields to retrieve purchase orders related to the purchase office from the default company.

Purchase Manager homepage

The new Purchase Manager homepage is a preconfigured homepage for the purchase manager role. It includes regular widgets and banner widgets, such as Selection and Average Order Value.

On the homepage, a purchase manager can view purchase information by office and buyer related to orders, contracts, RFQ responses, supplier rating, and supplier contacts. Additionally, the homepage includes a Task List widget, Alert List widget and Links widget.

For the widgets that are part of the homepage, these improvements have been made:

  • Widget name proposals.
  • Replacement of the information icon with a text link to view the selection details.
  • Humanization of data. Large numbers are rounded to thousands or millions. Moving the pointer over the value displays the detailed values.
  • Revised and brighter colors.

For the Supplier Contacts widget as part of the homepage, the Primary Contact icons have been removed and the Primary Contact is now highlighted with the word Primary. If you click a contact, then the contact details are now shown in a modal dialog.

For the RFQ Responses and Supplier Rating widgets, these additional improvements have been made:

  • Display of data is now aligned with the text in the list.
  • Details are now shown in a modal dialog. In this modal dialog, you can use the navigation icons to switch between records.