Adding items using catalog

You can add items from the catalogs that are defined in Infor LN. The catalogs can contain items, categories and subcategories of items. This allows you to select from wide range of items that are classified in subcategories, categories or catalogs. The catalogs are defined in the Catalogs (tdpct0510m000) session in Infor LN.

You can click Add New icon and use the Add Via Catalog option, on the Requisition screen to add the item from catalogs. When the Add Via Catalog option is selected, the Catalog screen is displayed that contains a list of catalogs. The list of catalogs are retrieved from the Catalogs (tdpct0510m000) session in Infor LN.

The favourite catalogs is defaulted from the Purchase User Profile (tdpur0143m000) session in Infor LN, each time when the user logs into the app. However, you can also use Favourites icon to add or remove the catalogs from your favourite list. The catalogs that are selected as favourites are displayed on the top of the list. When a catalog is selected, these two tabs are displayed:

  • Categories: Displays the list of the categories available in the catalog or the parent category.
  • Items: Displays the items that are available in the selected catalog, category

A category can have further subcategories. You can select a category to view the subcategories. The Items tab consist of the list of items for selected subcategory, category or catalog. On the Items tab, you can:

  • Use Plus and Minus to modify the quantity that is required.
  • Use Edit icon to edit the details of the item before adding the item to the requisition line.
  • Click Add New iocn to add the specified quantity of the item directly to the requisition line.
  • Click Cart icon any time to return to the Requisition Lines tab.