Creating or updating Materials in Depot Repair application

  1. Select the required work order from the list of available work orders.
  2. Select the required activity in the Activity screen.
  3. Select the Materials screen.
  4. Click Add to create a new material.
  5. Specify this information:
    Work Order/ Activity Line
    The code of the work order.
    Activity Status
    The status of the Activity. Possible values:
    • Free
    • Planned
    • Released
    • Completed
    • Signed-Off
    • Transferred
    • Closed
    • Canceled
    Material Line
    The line represents the material resources. The material resource line is identified by a sequence number.
    This option indicates the material line status.
    Note: If the Blocked option is enabled, the material line is blocked for further use.
    The code and description of the items available for the selected work order.
    Note: You can specify the first three characters of the item to retrieve the item from the list of available items.
    Serial Number
    The serial number of the item.
    Note: You can click Scan to scan the Item Serial Number or Order Number. You can also select the serial number from the list of serial numbers.
    Delivery Type
    The required delivery types for the material. Possible options:
    • From Service Inventory
    • From Warehouse
    • To Warehouse
    Estimated Quantity
    The estimated quantity that is required to carry out the work order or the activity.
    Required Quantity
    The quantity required based on the specified length, width, thickness, and number of units required for the item.
    Actual Quantity
    The quantity used for the work order or for the work order activity.
    If this check box is selected, this resource line is checked off and can no longer be modified.
  6. Click CHECK-OFF to check off the material details.
  7. Click SAVE to create or update material in Infor LN.