Work Orders Overview

The home screen of the application displays the Work Orders that are created in Infor LN. The My Work Orders screen is displayed if the Only show work orders assigned to me option is selected. The Work Orders screen is displayed if the Operation Departments or Work Centers option is selected.

You can click the Previous or Next option to view the work orders based on the selected period. The period of the interval is based on the display period selection.

Each order on the home screen displays Work Order Number and Work Order Status. You can select the required work order to view:

The Details screen displays the following details of the work order such as Work Order Number, Order Status, Operation Department, Item, Serial Number, Maintenance Sales Order ID, Warehouse, Planned and Actual Quantity, Earlier Start Time and Latest Finish Time, Planned Start and Planned Finish Time, Actual Start and Actual Finish Time.

The Activities screen displays the Work Orders Activities and Activity Status. Each Activity displays the following screens:

  • Details
  • Materials
  • Labor Resources
  • Tools
  • Assignments
  • Inspctions
  • Notes