Sales Quote details screen

The Sales Quote details screen includes this information:

  • Quote Number: The number that identifies the sales quotation.
  • Sales Office: A department that is identified in the company business model to manage the business partner’s sales relations.
  • Status: The status of the sales quotation. Possible values:
    • Created
    • Approved
    • Printed
    • Processed.
  • Sold-to Business Partner: The business partner who orders goods or services from your organization.
  • Ship-to Business Partner: The business partner to whom you ship the ordered goods.
  • Customer Order Number: The number the sold-to business partner assigned to the quotation.
  • Probability %: A percentage associated with a quotation that represents the probability of the business partner accepting the quotation.
  • Quote Order Amount: The net quotation amount expressed in the quoted currency.
  • Lines: The total quote lines for the sales quotation.
  • Attachments:You can view or add attachments. You can capture image/video or select existing image/video/any file.

    The added attachments can be viewed with “InforQuote” context in Related Information Context app for LN in Infor OS by selecting a sales quote in the Sales Quote (tdsls1500m000) session in LN.