Production Order Overview

The home screen of the app displays the Production Orders that are created in Infor LN. Each order on the home screen displays information such as:

  • Production Order Number
  • Quantity Ordered
  • Item/Products

Each Production Order displays:

  • Production Order number
  • Status of the order
  • Quantity Ordered
  • Item
  • Item description

You can click Search to search for the production orders. Search can be based on Production order number, Item, Item description.

You can filter the Production orders in the list. Click Filter to filter the available Production Orders based on the End Item Product and Order Status.

You can search for the Production orders by scanning the order bar/QR code, NFC using the Scan icon.

You can manually generate the serial numbers of the as-built header.

Note: The selection generates the serial numbers of the As-Built Header in the same number as the ordered quantity of the production order. If the existing serial numbers includin the rejected status numbers are in the list, the application generates the remaining number of total ordered quantity.

You can click Add icon to add or delete the As-Built Header using Add As-Built Header and Delete As-Built Header options.

You can add a As-Built Header by scanning the serial number or searching for the serial number from existing serials in Serialized Items (tcibd4501m000) session or enter the serial number manually.

Note: A warning message is shown if the number of As-Built header serials exceeds the planned or ordered output quantity. A serial number cannot be duplicated in a production order.