Registering hours in LN

To register hours in LN:

  1. Log on to the mobile application. The list of dates for the current or previous week is displayed.
  2. Click add. The Select an Origin screen is displayed.
    Note: The origins selected in the application settings are displayed.
  3. Select an origin.
  4. Specify this information:
    • The information to be specified varies based on the selected origin.
    • When you select the date on the home screen, click Plus and select the origin, the selected date is defaulted in the Start Date field. Else, the current date is defaulted. However, you can modify the value. This is only applicable for the origins other than General Hours and Project Hours.
    • You can use left and right to retrieve the order data of the previous and next week, when selecting the Order/Project from the list. This is applicable for the origins other than General Hours.
  5. Click Save to save the hours to the application.
    Note: For Android users, click to save.
    Note: You can save the frequently logged hours as presets and can also edit or load saved presets by clicking add New Log Origin specific screen. These options are displayed:
    • Save as Preset: Saves the data as a preset.
    • Load Preset: Displays the saved presets. These options are displayed when you select a preset:
      • Edit: Modifies the saved presets.
      • Load: Loads the saved presets.
    Note: Attachments are not saved as part of presets.
  6. Click Clear to clear the specified data.
  7. Click Register on the Hours Registration screen to submit the hours to LN. The registered hours can be viewed in the Hours and Expenses by Employee Overview (bptmm1100m000) session in LN.
    Note: You cannot modify or delete a log after it is registered to LN.

    When a new log is created, the data is defaulted from the People User Profiles (bpmdm0102m000) session in LN based on the selected origin. The user can:

    • Modify the data.
    • Specify mandatory fields.
    • Attach files.
    • Save the hours logged.