Uploading the attachment

The app enables you to upload attachments for the selected inspection order.

To upload an attachment for the inspection order:

  1. Select the inspection order.
  2. Select the Details tab on the Order Details screen.
  3. Click Attachment on the Details tab. The Attachment screen is displayed.
  4. Select the appropriate option on the Attachment screen to upload and manage the attachment. The possible options are:
    • Folder file:Enables you to upload the files from the local storage or photo library. The possible options displayed are:
      • From Files: Uploads file from the local storage
      • From Photo Library: Uploads file from the photo library folder
      • Cancel: Cancels the attachment uploading process.
    • Camera Icon:Enables you to capture the image of the inspected part using the mobile camera.
    • Delete recycle:Enables you to delete the attachment file.
    • Sychronize icon:Enables you to synchronize the uploaded file with Infor LN.
      • This option is enabled only if the Offline mode is not selected.
      • When an inspection order is selected in the Inspection Order (qmptc1100m100) session, the attachment related to the inspection order is displayed in the Related Information context app for Infor LN in Infor OS.