These are the pre-requisites to configure the Infor LN As Built Scanning mobile app:

  • To optimize the feature of the app, it is recommended that mobile devices have an NFC tag reader.
  • The User Data should be defined for the user and linked to the Employee with necessary authorizations.
  • The Use Default Site must be defined in Manufacturing User Profiles (timfc0120m000) session in Infor LN.
  • The User must be an IDM – user to upload and view the attachments.
  • The User must be assigned to Infor Ming.le Enterprise Role to retrieve user information from Ming.le.
  • A list of serial numbers is displayed on the As-Built Headers screen. The serial numbers can be automatically or manually generated based on the Generate Serial Numbers parameter set in the Production Setting by Site (timfc0180m000) session.
    • If the On Print Documents, On Release, or On Completion option is selected, Infor LN automatically generates the serial numbers on the As-Built Header screen.
    • If the Manually option is selected, the serial numbers can be generated during the production order process flow.