Infor LN app enables users to access critical LN data on mobile devices. The users can view and modify the LN data on these mobile devices for various business purposes.

The app receives real-time data and enable users to respond immediately to important tasks, thereby improving the efficacy of the process and accelerating the productivity.

The LN Mobile app are ION API Authorized app for Infor OS 12.0.18 and later.

All LN mobile apps supports these features:

  • Attachments
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Multiple Server Settings
  • Reporting app failure
  • Diagnostics and analytics

LN Mobile apps are the native apps supported on these versions:

  • iOS v13.0 and later
  • Android v7.0 and later


Ensure that these prerequisites are met:

  • Configure ION APIs for LN. See KB 1918819.
  • All APIs listed in the ION API must be available as deployed web services inside C4WS (LN connector for web services), for on-premises installation.


Infor Document Management (IDM) is used for Attachments. The mobile apps can upload and download the attachments from IDM.

In Ming.le, you can view these attachments in the Related Information widget. The widget retrieves this information from IDM.

Multiple server settings

A user can manage the server list using the Settings option on the login screen. This feature allows the user to add, delete or share the server details.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Many apps require the user to specify the URL, port, email address, and various data related to the configurations, as part of a onetime setup process for an app. These manual configurations can impact the adoption and success of the mobile app initiatives of an organization. This can also increase the responsibility of the help desk for attending fielding calls from users, and maintaining the documentation that requires to be updated frequently with the new updates to the app when made available.

In this case, a basic support for remotely configuring environment setup for the user is provided. This eliminates the requirement of the QR Code scanning process for the customers who uses the mobile device management.

In the MDM enabled app, the administrator can erase or uninstall the app from the MDM portal when the device is lost or stolen, to ensure corporate data safety.

Pre-requisite for MDM:

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) must be implemented for the customers, to use Infor LN mobile app. For example EMM by AirWatch.

These Configurations are implemented to enable MDM for the Infor Mobile app:

  • Managed Server X: An individual key - value pair is added for each server.
  • Allow Custom Server List: The user can add the custom servers by scanning the QR codes, if this option is enabled.
  • Force Analytics: Indicates if the data related to diagnostics and analytics is to be shared with Infor.

Reporting app failure

Firebase Crashlytics is implemented to report when the app does not function (crash).

Diagnostics and analytics

The diagnostic and analytics feature can be enabled for a mobile app based on the user preference, using the Setting screen. This feature allows Infor to view the statistics data on how the app is used by the user and improve the app based on the data. The diagnostic data can include location information of the user.