Adding an Attendee

The user when creating a new Appointment can add Attendees for that particular appointment.

To add an attandee:

  1. Click the Attendees field on the new Appointment screen. The Attendees list screen is displayed.
  2. Click +. The New Attendee screen is displayed
  3. Specify this information:
    Attendee type
    The type of attendee, which can be Employee, Contact, or Other.
    Attendee Name
    The code of the employee or the contact. Specify 3 characters to look for the Attendee (Employee/Contact). If attendee type is Other then, attendee name is simple text.
    The attendance for the entered attendee. Possible values are:
    • Required
    • Optional
    • Resource.
    The attendee's e-mail-address, which must be manually entered if the attendee is of the Other type.
  4. Click Save/Tick icon.